We started our birthing class this week, and at the beginning, we had to introduce ourselves- our name, our partner’s name, our baby’s name, and due date. Aside from the basic info, the women went in a circle sharing their story. For most, this is their first birth, for others, it is their second, and for one, it is a blessing. At 47, she is able to carry her first child. Listening to all their experiences and their journey nearly put me in tears.

So my journey goes like this.

My husband and I got married July 31, 2016. We went on vacation for three weeks, and somewhere in between the Caribbean and driving the Pacific coast, Benjamin was conceived.

I still remember that Saturday morning I took the pregnancy test.

The room was dark as I crawled back into bed and told my husband I was pregnant. We were both so happy!

Those small moments serve as a great reminder of what a privilege it is to walk this life.




Sometimes by looking at a pretty website, we can’t determine if that photographer is the right match for us. There are sooooo many options to choose from and soooo many photographers with amazing talent, but how do you know which one is the right one for you.
Aside from planning your wedding and working full time, how do you find time to meet with your photographer when you don’t have it?!! Maybe a meeting is not the best option for you at the moment, so how do you know if he or she is the right match for you.

1. Instagram!!!
2. Facebook
3. Twitter if they have it
4. Emails!

Looking through social media gives you a broader perspective of what your photographer likes (pizza, cake, books are my personal favorite). If you still have questions, follow up with emails. Ask your heart away!


Finally back home to our “simple life” mentioned my husband. We walked into our home, and I felt a moment of relief. Our bright, white, kitchen and the smell of moth balls reminded me of all things I am grateful for, “This is our home!”
Everyday I am thankful that I get to live this life. With Benjamin on the way, I know that life is only going to get busier, but we have to remember not to get caught up in “being busy” and enjoy our lives and fulfill it with more experiences and adventures.



Ever find yourself checking off a list in your head? Yes, well, that’s me! Here’s a few things you can bring to an engagement session.

1. Props!

A picnic basket and some bubbly,

A reminder of how you first met

Your pets!

Board-games, bring them!

A few must haves
1. Bobby pins
2. Lipstick (to retouch)
3. Handkerchief (to dab off sweat on those hot Texas days)
4. Your change of clothes
5. Comfortable shoes, especially for ladies who are wearing pumps. Walking in flats in between photos are much more comfortable.
6. Miscellaneous- deodorant and hairspray


If you’re anything like me, well you’re awkward in photos, but with some guidance from your photographer, you can get some very cool, casual photos.

How to be casual in photos.

1. Have conversations with each other
2. Laugh if you have to
3. It’s okay to be random
4. What should you do with your hands?
Guys- Place them in your pockets, adjust your tie, adjust your watch
Girls- Play with your hair, play with your jewelry
5. As always don’t forget to be in love and have fun


This week has been a week full of preparation and settling in the new stage in our lives. The smell of baby detergent and tiny shoes has made me want to cry/laugh at how happy I am about this stage of our life.
We are so grateful for the love our family and friends shared with us and the showering of gifts for Benjamin.


The location for your engagement photos might be different for several reasons. It could be where you had your first date, where you were proposed to, a location you both like and frequent. There are a variation of reasons why you could chose any particular location. You might be encouraged to chose a location because it’s beautiful or discouraged about your options because it’s not magical enough but just think back to your relationship. Think about your first date, your favorite restaurant you frequent every Wednesday night, the first meal you shared, a favorite bar, or your favorite activities. Brainstorming together will help you decide what location is the best for your engagement session.
A few things to keep in mind when scouting for locations:
1. Does your location need a permit, if so, what will that cost be to you?
2. Will there be festivals or special events at your location? Keep in mind that if there are festivals, there will be crowds.
3. Does your location have special hours of operation? If you are considering taking photos at a bar or restaurant, ask in advance if you want the place to yourself. Some owners make exceptions and will allow this if you trade services, for instance, give them access to your photos for business use.
4. Most importantly, be in love and have fun.