I have one story and one memory of my mom that has molded my perception of the world.
Story One
She was a refugee of her country that would continue to be at war ten years after she left. Two days of being a resident here, she took her first job at a factory making bras. Every work day, she stood at the bus stop at 5 am to be in downtown by 8 am. This work ethic continues on close to her retirement age.
Memory One
My mom had to be the working mom, but in the summers, she took a few weeks off to spend it with us. I remember walking the clothes racks of Palais Royal (one of her favorite stores back in the day) buying much of nothing for herself (my mom was in need of a wardrobe update. She wore outdated, tapered jeans with some very mom reeboks), but usually, letting us choose something for ourselves.
Today on her birthday, I’m thankful for everything she is to us and the person she aspires to be. I want to choose to be honest, diligent and enterprising when times are difficult. I want to give without expecting. I want to be selfless like her.




Monday was off to a great start. Benjamin and I hung out with my best friend, ate pizza, ate half an ice cream, and had cake. I’d say it was a great way to start the week. However, at some point when we made it home, we both lost it. By the beginning of Monday evening, we were both crying. He was tired and I was trying to figure out how to help him sleep. I realized later that night he was going through the fourth leap in his mental development. That explained the unusual fuzziness.

A few things that have made this leap easy, so if you need a good laugh or cry, here you go.

This link https://www.buzzfeed.com/asiawmclain/xx-photos-that-are-definitive-proof-that-breastfeeding-is?utm_term=.qdzy1loqv&bffbmain#.cgvOGW8VM
I ugly cried when i read this, and Benjamin giggled at every ugly, cry moment.

On Monday night, after everyone fell asleep, I binged on the mini series, Big Little Lies. I was so tired, but I needed some time to unwind. I took a hot shower and watched three episodes of the series.

Also, the soundtrack is so good, and if there is a song you must love, this one is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyrQqmc5UT8

Happy Friday!


Happy National Midwifery Week

This week is National Midwifery Week. It’s one of many of my favorite topics. I had such a great experience with Nativiti. The moment I had my first appointment, I knew Nativiti was the right place for me. I had two appointments prior to Nativiti with obstetricians. I would say that both doctors knew what they were doing, but they couldn’t give me the “scoop” about birthing. My first appointment with Nativiti was about an hour to an hour and half long. Mostly I listened and Jaelin talked about everything from diet, to tea, to exercise. I took it all very seriously. At the moment, I really didn’t have a clue what she was preparing me for.
The day finally came. The day I get to show off what I’m really made of. This day I needed all the endurance, support, love, and power. Hospitals, society, women, etc, make a major emphasis about pain during birth, but throughout my labor, my midwives taught me to surrender to it and breathe through it. The most important part of my care was that I had options, I was supported in my choices and respected. When I was tired of sitting in the warm bathtub, they encouraged, supported, and respected my option to change positions. The small details (giving me water from a straw, placing a wet towel on my neck, encouraging me through my contractions, spoon feeding me) made me feel safe, supported, and loved.
Having a midwife made a major imprint in my life. My experience gave my husband and I beautiful and unforgettable memories. The choices we had gave us the freedom to work together as husband and wife through this beautiful rite of passage.



My favorite topic lately has been breastfeeding. It was not easy, but it has become enjoyable. For the moms who need help, there’s a whole lot of it. Beginning with La Leche League, they have been my source for every breastfeeding related question.

Also, a few things I’ve gathered from experienced moms and learned along the way….

Camisoles underneath my tops. Benjamin easily sweats, so I was concerned about using nursing covers. I decided I would try one. It was definitely uncomfortable fiddling with the cover and my newborn, so I decided I wouldn’t use one to make both Benjamin and I more comfortable. The camisoles do not necessarily have to be for nursing. I bought some at New York and Company that are lightweight and stretchy. They also have several color options.

The diaper bag. Being a first time mom, I put EVERYTHING in my diaper bag. I had a monstrous bag when I really only need diapers, wipes, changing pad, and a change of clothes. Now, I just carry my personal handbag with all the essentials.

Pumping. The best time for me is between 3 am and 5 am. Benjamin sleeps heavily during these hours, so I actually get a lot more done during the early morning hours. Although, I breastfeed throughout the day, I like to have at least one bottle ready for him. It helps to have one for car rides when we go out as a family, or if I need extra help during the day, Raul will bottle feed him.

All the small details came together through trial and error. I thought I had everything figured out from my perfect birth to breastfeeding. There were plenty of challenges at the beginning, but it’s been “a marathon worth the finish line.”



A few weeks before Benjamin was born, my husband said to me, “I want you to continue photography.” I am lucky to pursue my passion, work hard for what I want, and even better, be home with my newborn.
Today, I am a wife, a mother, a wedding photographer, and a business owner. I sit on my bed in pajamas with my Benjamin, binge on a Netflix series, and work on my laptop. When we get out of the office, we enjoy strolling through the mall and making dinner (reservations).
I am fully charged by hustle, pizza, love, and dreams. We all have something to share with the world. Today, I want to share a piece of mine. Here is my updated website, with some family photos taken by Arzu Vargas Photography.



We’re not just photographers. Sometimes we choose to be the water girl, the girl that pulls your hair back, or the girl that takes the new role as a midwife’s assistant.

For forty hours, I lived in a time warp. I vaguely remember hearing the clock tick and thinking, “I don’t want to know what day it is.” I remember everyone supporting me with their silent stares. When the contractions hit, I heard everyone cheering me on and encouraging me. I remember hearing the click sound as the shutter was being released and thinking, “I wonder what photo she captured.”

Here are a few.