A few weeks ago, you joked about finally knowing what it is like to be me two years ago. I met you for dinner but declined to be your dance partner that evening, instead, I told you I was going to sleep early. #old
In my heart, I wanted to continue the night, but one of my new years resolution that year was to say no more often and get more sleep.
Two days later, I agreed to go out after a long night at work. I slipped on my dancing shoes to impress you.
Two weeks ago, we got the flu. I lived in your wool socks, in yoga pants, with my hair pulled backed. Not very impressive, but that has been the life. You still remember to fall in love with me. You fall in love with me through Planet Earth episodes, through the smell of vapor rub, through my constant coughing and sneezing, and through the sound of the humidifier.
Today, marks the day I met you for dinner, so I celebrate this day with a date.



2018: GOALS

Over the past six months I have grown passionate of a particular subject. It is where my heart is, so for 2018, I’d like part of my career to take that direction. There will be more to come in the near future.

Our family has some goals as well. One is to continue breastfeeding until Benjamin is one. Secondly, we’ll be working on putting Benjamin to sleep in his crib, so I’ll take any good advice. Lastly, we’ll be traveling more. (We got a bit of confidence from our London trip.)

Some personal goals of mine are to cut spending on clothes and shoes. I have limited myself to two pairs of shoes a season, and I’m still working out the clothes ratio.

I’d like to read like I use to, but with Benjamin, it is a little difficult.

I wanted to read daily, but I realize that is an unrealistic goal with Benjamin. I read my bible once a week and another book of choice on the days I have time.

I hope that your 2018 is full of life, happiness, success, peace, and love,
From my family to yours!