By Wednesday morning, my body was ready to give out. In hopes of rejuvenating some part in me, I huffed and puffed the whole day.
Sunday morning I discovered I needed to add more to my daily routine, and because I make everything a big deal, I cried into my breakfast. However, the more I practiced the new changes, the more I realized how important these daily exercises were for my pregnancy- three miles a day of walking or jogging and forty minutes of stretching daily. I still whine about doing them every night, but I’m only on day five.
Finally, after a day of R&R, I could see the goodness in it all, and this week quite a few people made it a whole lot easier, including my mom (for making dinner for me), my sister-in-law (for making dinner as well), my sister (for taking Frankie out on his walk), and my husband (for listening to me, for the back rubs, for walking Frankie, for watching my protein intake, and for trying to order mocktails).



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