By Wednesday morning, my body was ready to give out. In hopes of rejuvenating some part in me, I huffed and puffed the whole day.
Sunday morning I discovered I needed to add more to my daily routine, and because I make everything a big deal, I cried into my breakfast. However, the more I practiced the new changes, the more I realized how important these daily exercises were for my pregnancy- three miles a day of walking or jogging and forty minutes of stretching daily. I still whine about doing them every night, but I’m only on day five.
Finally, after a day of R&R, I could see the goodness in it all, and this week quite a few people made it a whole lot easier, including my mom (for making dinner for me), my sister-in-law (for making dinner as well), my sister (for taking Frankie out on his walk), and my husband (for listening to me, for the back rubs, for walking Frankie, for watching my protein intake, and for trying to order mocktails).




When crafting a wedding timeline, there are a few things to ask yourself to ensure every part of your day is documented by your photographer.

1. Where will you be getting ready?
2. If you’re not getting ready at the ceremony location, how far is the bridal prep
location from the ceremony location?
3. What time is the ceremony?
4. What time is the cocktail hour and reception?
5. Are you planning to see the groom before the ceremony for portraits?

Once you have thought of all these questions, you and your photographer can draft a timeline that will ensure your photographer documents everything perfectly.

Estimating how much time is needed for certain aspects of the day helps the timeline flow smoothly. For instance, here’s one way of what is needed to ensure you have everything documented perfectly.


40 minutes – Bride/Groom Prep (I’m with the bride, and my second shooter is with the groom)
30 minutes – Bridal Party Photos
40 minutes – Bride + Groom Photos
30 minutes – Family Photos (if you have large extended families, it may take longer)
15 minutes – Reception Decor Photos
10 minutes – Ceremony Decor Photos

Depending on your photographer, they may need more or less time.

I hope this helps allow plenty of time for photos as well as a relaxed atmosphere with more time to party!



My sister in law got me this pregnancy notebook and it has been a great place for me to record some unfiltered emotions. I am on week twenty two now. Sometimes, I am asked what I miss most about my previous diet, of course, wine and beer. This week, there’s a section of the journal that asked what is driving me crazy.

  1. feeling sluggish
  2. the dishes
  3. the lack of sleep
  4. preparing dinner for myself
  5. the curtain is too short
  6. the stove
  7. the clothes

For the past year, our lives have changed. On the outside, it looked like these changes were seamless. In reality, it has been wildly exhilarating beginning with the demolishing of the kitchen.

This photo is a great reminder to stop focusing on the details and remember the vision.



I love love love Valentine’s day! Aside from it being a commercialized holiday, I still love what the day represents, so any day to show and celebrate some love, I’m all in.

This time last year, Raul and I sat on his apartment floor, shared a bottle of wine and some leftover dessert my sister made.

That dog I talked so much about on our first date, well, he was there too.

A year later, there are three of us having a nice, perfect dinner.

Whether you choose to have a nice simple meal, share a box of chocolates, or give some cheesy, over-sized,  plush bear that says “xoxo,” I want to wish everyone a beautiful Valentine’s Day. Remind yourself that life is short, so have a little fun with it.







Rocio and Joe chose their engagement session at Old Town Spring. It was sunny and a total of 40 degrees on a Sunday morning. The time was perfect! We had the whole place to ourselves.
For brides that are having trouble deciding on locations for their engagement photos, here are a few things to consider.
1. Consider why you are choosing a certain location. Is it a place you and your groom-to-be visit often? Is it where you first met? Was your first date there?
2. Timing. They day of your shoot, will there be any events at the location of your shoot? Are there going to be road closures? Will there be crowds?
3. Permits. Do you need permits for your location? If so, what is the cost? How far do you have to schedule an appointment? How do you receive your permit?
4. Most importantly have fun and be in love.