On our wedding day, we shared the room with our closest family and friends and read aloud our promises. It was a very last minute decision to share this moment in front of our guest, but you seem to forget anyone else is in the room.
Some things to think about when writing your vows.
1. Give yourself some time to collect your thoughts. For me, it worked best to schedule a few minutes a day to write my vows. I started four months before our wedding date. For some, you don’t need that much time, but if you are a busy person, I suggest working on it early to get all your thoughts and feelings on paper.
2. How long should it be? I’d say as long as it takes to express how you feel. My vows were very short, but if your vows are lengthy, say what is necessary to express your love.
3. How will you share your vows? In front of family? During the ceremony? During the reception? Privately? All decisions are great, and whatever you feel most comfortable with, make sure to prepare a moment in your wedding day timeline to share your vows.


(photo shot as a second photographer for 4 Keeps Photography)


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