I love behind the scene photos. I especially dig all the bad photos of myself. The worse I look, the harder I laugh at myself. Here’s insight of our year.

Of course, Raul is the classy one. None of his bloopers are terrible.


This is the look a girl gives you when she can’t wink, but she’s trying.




I swear, if I see one more photo with my eyes closed, I’m going to have to ask for that camera back.


This is a cross of sun exposure and a sneeze.


Can we try to get a photo right this time?


You are getting very sleepy. Very, very sleepy.


Setting up our camera on a tripod (a rockpod).


This was the 40th shot of the Bixby Bridge (like I said, he’s the classier one).


This is what happens when a stranger takes your photos.



Dancing with the stars.


The smile of a girl who is happy to be in D.C. (stopping by Obama’s place soon)


Just showing off his Karate moves.


A little more professional photos before wedding receptions and about the only time I can look normal.



As we approach the end of 2016, I can honestly say it has been an incredible year.



It took me three months to finally find the right pair. It was a happy accident. The first few weeks, I wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin. I kept worrying about how ugly the red bottoms were going to get, and I just couldn’t get passed the idea of them getting scuffed. I took a further step to try them on. The first pair I tried on was a pink, suede pump. Super cute! But not quite the right fit. I went a second time to try another pair of pumps. Nope. Not working for me. I refused for my feet to be in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. I just couldn’t do it to myself.
I moved on to some Jimmy Choos. I liked a few but nothing made me feel like, “those are the ones.”
Now, python Lucchese! When I saw the pink, python booties, I knew they were the ones. I love a nice pair of ankle boots, and these were definitely beyond any bootie I’ve seen. They were gorgeous but not on my feet.
When I finally found the perfect pair of shoes, I considered a few things that could have helped me in the process.
1. Comfortability (heel height)- This is a pair of shoes you’ll have to walk around for a few hours.
2. Price- What is something you feel comfortable paying for?
3. Style- What is your everyday style?




Thursday is a day for us. To love each other, remember, and rejuvenate.

You’ve put in a few more hours than usual at work, and the first day of your late shift, you mentioned you regretted picking up hours on your day off. Tuesday morning was a drag for both of us…the neighbor’s dog in our yard, the other dogs barking, and Frankie pacing across the room. Neither of us got much sleep, but you get up in the morning and make your way to work.

I am thankful for you.




I promise I had no idea what our colors were going to be. I just kind of selected a theme I wanted for our wedding and thought we could go from there. However, choosing a color does help your event designer have an idea about the design of your wedding.
The color came from many happy accidents.
First, Raul was drawn to this particular suit. He kept going back and forth about it until one day we were out shopping and caught a great deal on it. That was the beginning of our wedding day colors.
Next time, we were out paper shopping for our invitations. He was immediately drawn to the paper the color of his suit.
Third time, we were out shopping for wedding day shoes. Well guess what? My shoes matched the suit and the paper.
All these items coincidentally match our high school colors. A little insight to where we met.
Maybe you’re like me and have no clue about the color of your wedding. If you want something meaningful, think about your relationship. For some of you, you may have to go way back, but this might help a bit steer you in a better direction.


(photo shot as a second photographer with 4 Keeps Photography)


“DJ or no DJ?” I think that will depend on your environment and the mood you want to set. We are having our reception at a restaurant. Our guest count is about thirty people, so it is not a very large party. The space we have is a good space. It’s small and intimate, and  a dj would probably take away from that feel. Because of the setting of our reception, we are opting for more background music.

We started creating our playlist on my  Spotify app on my Iphone. I have a monthly subscription with them, so I can create as many playlist on my account. This particular playlist is called “wedding playlist.” Pretty straightforward.

Make sure your venue allows this particular option.

If you are opting to have a dj, you can still be exclusive on your music selection.One dj in particular that I like is Perfect Sounds Entertainment. He doesn’t self promote on the mic, and he will gladly accept a playlist if you recommend one.

There are also other options throughout the day, like musicians if you’d prefer. One company in particular that I like is Third Floor Strings.

A few things to keep in mind.

Songs for:

1.First Dance

2.Father Daughter Dance

3. Mother Son Dance

4. Last Dance

5. Most importantly, have fun!


(photo shot as a second photographer with 4 Keeps Photography)


Elyssa and Nathan married at Elyssa’s family home, along with family and friends.  The day started with a grand entrance. The groom and his family marched towards the bride’s family home, while the bride’s family enthusiastically greeted Nathan. Drinks and music were shared all around.

Nathan finally settled inside the home along the side of his bride surrounded by loved ones to wish them peace, harmony, good fortune, good health, and a successful and happy life.