Before we finally decided on the theme of our wedding, I had several ideas floating around.
The first idea, when I thought we would have the wedding at Sharespace, I thought a James Bond cocktail party would be perfect. Raul is a big fan of James Bond, so cocktail drinks would be served and appetizers, with some form of a taco bar and pizza bar because those are some of our favorite foods.
After a week of planning, we decided on a small wedding, so that changed the overall theme of the wedding.
The colors, the Rose festival, the carpets, the lanterns, and all I could think of is Princess Jasmine.
Some things to consider if you are having trouble thinking of a theme, try to personalize your day.
1. Signature drinks
2. Favorite flowers
3. Favorite colors
4. Snack or dessert bar (What are your must have snacks? For us, it’s pickles, popcorn and ice cream. It’s our snack of choice when we are binging on some Netflix series.)
One last thing that really helps, is having a wedding designer. They can really help with any ideas you may have about your wedding day.



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