Who am I?

I prefer to stay home on Friday nights in work out clothes watching seasons of Forensic Files, Law and Order, or some two star Netflix movie. I enjoy the idea of doing all this in the comfort of my bed. This would suggest I’m a eighty-five year old stuck in a thirty year old’s body.

My version of fun is reading a book, eating, with sips of wine in between, or doing all simultaneously.

I’m not the most adventurous person. I like the idea, until we finally get started, then I’ll start making excuses. At the beginning of the summer, I was set on a goal to learn  to swim by my 30th birthday. Well, let me tell you, there were a few times I was discouraged, and I just wanted to meditate in the pool. There I go getting water in my ears, in my nose, and making more excuses about the goggles blurring my vision, and there goes Raul telling me to “climb the ladder” or bring my hands to my knees (a newly developed technique to avoid drowning in three feet of water.)

Raul, on the other hand, he would be the adventure rock climber (free solo style) on a North Face commercial.

I’m incredibly thankful and blessed to walk hand-in-hand with a person that understands those differences and who will help me float after every attempt I bob up from the water.





This part became easier as I knew the size of my party. However, for the first few weeks of the wedding planning process, I had a venue in mind in downtown Houston. I liked the open concept of the venue. My initial thought was a cocktail party with either a pizza bar or a taco bar.
Finally, we opted for a smaller wedding. I knew I wanted something at a restaurant with a private room. We had two choices. The first choice, Plonk, does not have a private room. Although, it is one of my favorite restaurants, and everything on that menu is incredible, it does not have the available space we need. We decided with Brix Wine and Cellar. It is also one of my favorite places, with a simple and easy menu- chicken, beef, and fish, which made my life a whole lot easier.
Also, Jordan, the event manager, has been very helpful with the process. I had a few concerns about having my wedding dinner there. The first one was about having an event designer. I still wanted to have the table settings, the name cards, and the menu. Basically everything you would have at a larger wedding, but in a small and different setting and not your usual wedding venue.
My second concern was about having a photographer present, which was also something the restaurant allowed.
The process has been very easy, and Jordan as been very responsive to my emails. That certainly has put some ease about the day.




This next step helped me determine what kind of venue to select. After a couple of weeks of contemplating the size of my wedding guest list, I immediately decided a small, intimate wedding is the best type of wedding for us.
Although, there are some things to consider.
Who will be hosting the wedding? Is it the parents of the bride? The parents of the groom? Or the bride and groom?
I would say it’s only fair and right that if either parents are contributing to the cost of the wedding, their wishes should be considered.


We had casual conversations here and there about our lives, what’s new, what’s old, and beyond that. We planned to have pizza and catch up on the last ten years. Ten years became eleven years, and I finally agreed to an evening of ice skating. Fortunately, for him, I couldn’t show off my figure skating skills, and we had dinner instead, full of conversations and sentences about my dog.

Now, here we are. Wedding planning. I was between a destination wedding and a local wedding. I imagined a beach and both our immediate families present. We immediately decided a destination wedding was probably not a good option for us, especially since our guest would not have an adequate amount of time to prepare, so we decided local was our best option. Also, my wedding team is in Houston, from my wedding designer, photographer, make-up artist, and hair stylist. I didn’t want to compromise my team.

A few things to consider when choosing between a destination or local wedding.

Will your guest have time to prepare to travel?

Are you willing to trade off your wedding team for a wedding by the beach or any beautiful destination?

If not, is your wedding team willing to travel?

If they are not able to travel, will the resort or destination you choose give you the option to choose your team locally?