Thursday morning I woke up annoyed, sad, sleepy….I wanted more than anything to go back to sleep, but something tugged me out of bed.

It’s so easy to focus on all the hiccups in our lives, it’s so easy to make yourself unhappy, but “it’s a moral obligation to be happy.”

So, today I texted my best friend. “Did you ever share your playlist with me? I’m feeling down. I need inspiration or something new.”

Here’s my thankful list:

My best friend’s playlist- “The Most Important Songs Played at School Dances from 2000-2005”

Talking to my best friend in Denver, sharing secrets with her, sharing the love for cop shows, and Aziz Ansari.

Frankie’s rugged look.

A group text with my friends about our dinner date in a month.

My pick-me-up….Baz Luhrman- Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

Lastly, find meaning and purpose, find the positive, accept tension, and seek to do good.



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