On the drive home, I’m taking deep breaths to keep myself from crying; I feel so overwhelmed. I sat in my drive way for one last second and one last breath and repeating to myself, “I’m not gonna cry.”

As I get closer to my door, I see a key with the words, “LIFE IS PERFECT.”

I’ve been battling the past few months with trying to be “PERFECT.”

Well, my version of perfect, “A good story makes you thankful to be alive because it reminds you that while sometimes painful, life is indeed beautiful and magical.”

At the climax of my story, I would say life was painful, but there were benefits to my difficult experiences.

I slowly took control of my life. I got rid of eighty percent of my stress by saying no. By saying no, I am able to read more, focus on my business, and focus on my relationships.

By saying no, I get to live in the moments I choose to be in. I choose to be happy, embrace love, and create memories.




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