Thursday morning I woke up annoyed, sad, sleepy….I wanted more than anything to go back to sleep, but something tugged me out of bed.

It’s so easy to focus on all the hiccups in our lives, it’s so easy to make yourself unhappy, but “it’s a moral obligation to be happy.”

So, today I texted my best friend. “Did you ever share your playlist with me? I’m feeling down. I need inspiration or something new.”

Here’s my thankful list:

My best friend’s playlist- “The Most Important Songs Played at School Dances from 2000-2005”

Talking to my best friend in Denver, sharing secrets with her, sharing the love for cop shows, and Aziz Ansari.

Frankie’s rugged look.

A group text with my friends about our dinner date in a month.

My pick-me-up….Baz Luhrman- Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

Lastly, find meaning and purpose, find the positive, accept tension, and seek to do good.



Ish-shah + David: The Venue at Seventh Heaven

My sister, Ish-shah, has always been the funnier one of us all. The combination of all my sisters’ dry humor and her sarcasm has been a great blend in our family; growing up she was always the more sensitive one, the kinder one, and the happier one. I remember her ugly crying a lot when she was a kid and being the mediator between my sisters and me or my parents and my sisters. She just wanted everyone to get along and be happy, and on her wedding day, we did just that.
Two families came together and made this day.








It was my sister’s wedding day. We giggled, laughed, nearly cried, danced, had some bubbly, and embraced the moments we had with each other.

I am thankful for the group of sisters I have. Beautiful, caring, inspiring, loving, expressive, intentional, bold, and they are MY sisters.

I will forever cherish you all, cherish this day, and the many more memories we will create together.


On the drive home, I’m taking deep breaths to keep myself from crying; I feel so overwhelmed. I sat in my drive way for one last second and one last breath and repeating to myself, “I’m not gonna cry.”

As I get closer to my door, I see a key with the words, “LIFE IS PERFECT.”

I’ve been battling the past few months with trying to be “PERFECT.”

Well, my version of perfect, “A good story makes you thankful to be alive because it reminds you that while sometimes painful, life is indeed beautiful and magical.”

At the climax of my story, I would say life was painful, but there were benefits to my difficult experiences.

I slowly took control of my life. I got rid of eighty percent of my stress by saying no. By saying no, I am able to read more, focus on my business, and focus on my relationships.

By saying no, I get to live in the moments I choose to be in. I choose to be happy, embrace love, and create memories.