Finally at the airport getting ready to board!!!

On the drive here, my nephew asked if everything was okay because I looked upset. Other than me wanting to ugly cry, everything was fine.

Two things….I’m a restroom hogger, and it took me over fifteen minutes to get this face looking fresh. Secondly, I knew my nephew would remind me of what a baby I was for crying at the airport, but yes I teared up.

We’ve never been so apart from each other, and the last few months have been slowly creeping up to this day. I’m excited, scared, sad, happy…. for all the good things to come, like care packages, letters, photos, and long distance calls.

I love you guys.

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Nine years ago, I believed I met the love of my life. My best friend in many ways, which I did not realize until years later. When I was faced with adversities, not a muscle in him flinched. He woke up right along with me every morning, drove me to work, and watched me study as I watched him cook for me countless nights.
He was a part of my dreams and pushed me towards them when I gave up on myself. When I cried, he encouraged me, left notes on my desk, and made me listen to Napoleon Hill.
A year and half ago, we parted.
Three months later, with every intention to focus, I met someone new. Someone new that I watched from afar for the last ten years. In the end, I learned a great deal about myself. I learned to find inspiration in myself.
Fast forward to a year, on New Year’s Eve 2016, my best friend told me to start the year with a bang. Well, little did she know it was the beginning of an eventful year.
I recently came across this quote.
“I may have not gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I need to be.”
That’s where I am at now….changing plans, loading luggage into a compact car, watching my family move across the Atlantic, watching my best friend start a career miles away, choosing to enjoy weekday dates in the rain…
Everyday I choose to wake up and be happy. That has been the best part of the last two months.

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Dear time,

You are a constant reminder of how much closer we are to a new beginning.

1. My best friend of sixteen years is now moving to Denver. Our love for Law and Order, pizza, and wine will be shared in two different states; I’m happy and sad in many ways.

2. My sisters, my nephew and I are packing a car with Takis, lucas, and love; a bitter sweet twenty hour journey. I know I’ll do plenty of crying, laughing and reminiscing.

On a happier note, I know I am a rich woman to get to share such wonderful memories and love with them.

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