Last month, I asked for more meaningful experiences and to live in the present. Four weeks of meaningful experiences….late night chats, blue bell ice cream, bar hoping, dancing, ice skating and Frankie.
For a second, I was forced to remember the days I felt powerless and wanted to give up, but I stopped myself. I stopped myself from telling my story, accepted the silence in the room, and moved on. Sometimes moving forward is all you can do.

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Yes to late nights, yes to sleepless nights, yes to more work, yes to some days off….I’ve become the girl version of Jim Carrey in “Yes Man.” There’s that one part of me that wants to decline any offer of fun, and instead, snuggle in ¬†between my Egyptian cotton sheets. January you kicked my butt, but thankfully I had such wonderful people that shook me out of my funk, took me out of my comfort zone, and let me have meaningful experiences.¬†IMG_0023