2015 RECAP

Some days I feel like rushing home and binging on a bag of Doritos. Because of days like that, I learned some valuable lessons this year that I will carry on next year. I want to share what I have practiced to be happier.

1. Cry out loud.
2. Smile at myself.
3. Help someone in need.
4. Call someone randomly.
5. Be grateful.
6. Don’t let materialism rule the world.
7. Do something out of the ordinary.
8. Be open to change.



Lucy + Jose

Three years ago, video chat brought them together. It was a casual comment made by Jose, he was looking for a conversation, and Lucy responded. With the click of button and a few keys, their relationship slowly developed.





Ish-shah + David

Two high school sweethearts, Ish-shah and David, decided they would sneak out and go stargazing. Seven years later, it seems now the stars are aligned. Maybe this is where their love for the outdoors began.
In four months, we’ll be celebrating along their side.