“Thank God for photography, and the photographer who decided it was worth taking a picture. A picture of such a simple accomplishment of gathering.”

Whether you have turkey and stuffing or decided to change the menu, like us (ribs and sausage), the importance of it all is that you are gathering with people you love. For the ones that are far away, we’ll save a seat, and a plate.



84,014 Steps

Day 1 in D.C. started off with what I thought was the perfect airport outfit…sweats, a leather jacket, and a pair of New Balance, except I looked like a director to a low budget film. Unfortunately, another outfit gone wrong. I will spare ya’ll the embarrassment.


Day 2
My ballgame outfit.


On Day 3 we had life transforming, cornbread at Mount Vernon. Those four miles up the trails and over the near death bridge made the cornbread so much more rewarding.

On Day 4 we decided we would revisit all the monuments; this time in the daytime.




Laughing, eating, smiling, and sharing life with each other was the most remarkable part about our D.C. trip. Break time always involved some type of indulging meal. For the time and love I was able to share with my family, I am grateful. Thank you to the stranger with the baby on his back for the photo.

IMG_0073 (3)


My ongoing journey to find contentment and excitement in my adult life has brought me to this photo, and a list of things that are the reasons to my happiness.
1. My dog, Frankie. Obvs.
2. Food.
3. My book in the mail.
3. This weather.
4. Date night with my niece and nephew.
5. The new Aziz Ansari tv series.
6. Bread dipped in hot coffee.
7. My sisters.
8. My mom.
9. Planning.
10. Google Calendar.
11. My mix of sweaters and scarves.
12. Finally, the next few days of freedom…food and D.C. here we come.

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