You are the stars in the dark that light my dark patches. I’m thankful everyday that I can still call you at any given moment and ask about your day. Sometimes you reply by saying some Latin mom absurdities and tell me to behave. Some days you call me for no reason, and I feel like the luckiest child.
Thank you for the abundant love you give us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for being amazing.

I love you.




In one month, I’ll be enjoying some real fall season in D.C. Ugg boots, yoga pants, and pumpkin lattes.
Meanwhile, I’m keeping myself sane…enjoying shoots with amazing outfits, family nights under the stars, new books, late dinner with friends, yoga pants to work, my niece and nephews, and finally some Crave cupcakes.
All things are good.


“Write regularly and don’t wait for inspiration.”

I keep thinking about those words; I’M WAITING FOR INSPIRATION!
I keep thinking about the past eight years and that one year I was a therapist free of charge.
I keep thinking about the late nights I stayed up crying because of frustration, hopelessness, and disbelief in my dreams, yet there was always someone who believed in what I was fighting for.
I decided I would dedicate this blog to all the things that inspired me to be who I am.