Hey, do you remember that one time we rode our bikes to my friend’s and got in trouble.

Hey, do you remember that one time we went to Mountasia and got in trouble again.

Hey, do you remember that one time you were going into labor and I yelled on the ride to the hospital.

Hey, do you remember that one time we walked the Oregon Trail.

In a few months, this difficult period will be memories that you will share with Cory, and tell him, “Hey, do you remember that one time.”


I love you and Luke forever.



Tuesday night, going into my birthday, I sat in a booth, drinking out of my glass of water and telling my stories about my speed reading. Thinking back a year ago, I cried into my napkin.
My pick me up of the night was Carol. She told stories about her successful business; the hard times and the good times. We chatted earlier about saving money for the sake of our business, like not splurging on a snickers bar.
Fast forward to Wednesday night, I receive an email about getting published in a wedding blog. Almost felt like the best birthday gift.
I made it home that night, and I had a gift waiting at the door in a hot pink bag.
The small gestures from such genuine people truly are the best gifts I could have.
I am truly thankful for the people who went out of their way to carve time in their busy daily schedules to wish me happy birthday.
Most of all, I am thankful to be able to see another year with my family and friends.



I work seven days a week, (most weeks), so it was nice to enjoy a day off on Labor Day. It all started on Sunday when my family came over to enjoy a night of boardgames, pizza, and movies. I enjoyed listening to my nephew chuckle in the background, and watching mom fall asleep as we rooted for Liam Neeson.
I was surrounded by the people I love.