Lately, life hasn’t been easy. As full as my plate is, I keep loading it with more to do list and more goals. Once I scratch one off, I add another. Then I ask, “when does it stop?”

I keep replaying the first winter I moved into my home when the mattress was the only thing that took up most of the room. Waking up to cold, bare wood floors underneath my feet and Frankie trying to snuggle in between the warmth. Those days I struggled on so many levels. I would wake up resentful; I only had four hours of sleep and a sixteen hour work day with an hour break in between. Looking back I really enjoyed those days.

Six years later, I’m on a road to financial freedom. To do list slowly becoming bucket list, and the only things that are still constant are my family, my friends, and Frankie, this time fighting his way under the bed.



Razan + Akber: McGovern Centennial Gardens

Four years ago, they met at her sister’s birthday party.
He was a guest of friend.
From day one, she knew he was the one.
The small gestures…

like parting her hair,


the way he makes her laugh,


the way he admires her,


and the way he falls in love with her all over again.