About three weeks ago, we walked into a bike shop in hopes of riding out as professional cyclist. Because of my height difference, I had to wait a week to receive my order. At four feet and eleven inches, I still couldn’t reach the ground my bike was on. My seat was too high, the tires were too big, and the frame was not right. I called in hopes of exchanging my bike for something more fit to my size. The guy on the other end couldn’t believe that he sold me the wrong bike and obviously I didn’t know what I was talking about. Well, I decided to return the bike and go to another bike shop.
I went to iCycle. They sympathized with my predicament…showed me a few bikes in my height range and I was sold by their service.
I thought about how my business stands out. What do I have to offer that other photographers don’t have? What should brides look for in their photographer? What kind of questions should they ask their wedding photographer?
The wedding industry is saturated with plenty of talented photographers, so how can one photographer stand out?
I’d love to share what makes me unique, and I’m sure plenty of other photographers would to.





I can’t wait to sit by the Baltic coast or the Black Forest (if it was up to Luke, we’ll be having tea with the Queen), whichever comes first, as long as we get to enjoy it together.


A few days ago, I walked into the cleanest restroom, and I thought, “I’d like to hire the person who keeps these restroom clean. I want them on my team!!!” Really though. I was fist pumping as I walked out of the restroom.
I began thinking about the kinds of employees that make up a company. The kind of employees that take pride in their work. The kind that I would hire for my business.
My editing team, my second shooter, and most importantly this group that makes up a more valuable team, that believes in my dream-my family, friends, and clients.
When I feel discouraged, embarrassed, lost, confused, mad, upset, and down because of my failures, I think about the encouraging words from my clients, the love for food my clients like to share with me (tags about pizza on instagram and CAKE), the referrals to their friends and family, and thank you notes.
That is the kind of team I want to surround my business with.



Recently, I prayed and asked that a friend of mine gets to keep her job; I asked to exchange places with her. She lost her father a few weeks ago and has a sister battling cancer. It’s funny how things work out when you ask for goodness instead of “things.”

Share your love with someone in need.