I am afraid to forget. I miss eating out at random ethnic restaurants with red and white tiled floors or mismatching plates. I still love pizza and eat it more than ever. I love ice cream just as much but don’t eat it as often. I miss the visits to Ross or Target. I miss taking control of the radio. I miss sharing conversations about politics, conspiracy theories, passion, dreams, and business. I miss sharing the same values about children…hoping to teach them the worth of a dollar, teach them to work and feel dignity for what they do, teach them to help others, teach them that it is okay to have a life outside of the main stream, teach them that success does not necessarily only come from sports or college, that college is not for everyone, to dream big.
I miss dreaming big.
Then inspiration comes back temporarily, and you realize you both feel lost, alone, happy, motivated, inspired, loved, and lucky.



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