I’m trying to live life, go with the flow, be spontaneous, say yes to vacations by the beach and an umbrella drink, Selena outfits, camping outdoors with real tents, eating out of tupperware as we roast marshmallows, hiking, biking…
You are your own limitation.




I am afraid to forget. I miss eating out at random ethnic restaurants with red and white tiled floors or mismatching plates. I still love pizza and eat it more than ever. I love ice cream just as much but don’t eat it as often. I miss the visits to Ross or Target. I miss taking control of the radio. I miss sharing conversations about politics, conspiracy theories, passion, dreams, and business. I miss sharing the same values about children…hoping to teach them the worth of a dollar, teach them to work and feel dignity for what they do, teach them to help others, teach them that it is okay to have a life outside of the main stream, teach them that success does not necessarily only come from sports or college, that college is not for everyone, to dream big.
I miss dreaming big.
Then inspiration comes back temporarily, and you realize you both feel lost, alone, happy, motivated, inspired, loved, and lucky.



It’s ten o’clock on a Saturday night; my sisters and I are enjoying a car ride with my niece singing along to “kiss the girl.” I couldn’t ask for a better set of sisters to enjoy this ride of life.
Looking back at our lives and skimming through the happy and sad memories we shared only brings laughter.
My measure of success is getting to enjoy moments like this.

1. sharing the paleontology hall with my sisters
2. having sandwiches for dinner
3. falling asleep on the couch to “The Theory of Everything”
4. getting hit with a ball in my face
5. finding dinosaur earrings
6. leather shoes for $30.00 (best deal ever)
7. ice cream on a cone
8. getting the last two strawberries in the buffet line
9. a salad after my main course
10. and my biggest guilty pleasure of the weekend…GOLDEN CORRAL