Five months ago, I knew the direction of my life. I was someone’s yin-yang, balance, better half, lethal weapon. My best friend, knew the power I possessed, something I am oblivious about. Some days, I didn’t believe in myself; those nights I cried, so we would listen to Napoleon Hill.
For five months, I didn’t know where to derive my inspiration from. I looked online, I read blogs, I read books, and nothing. Then one day it all came together.
My family, my closest friends, pizza lovers, dog lovers, wine/craft beer connoisseur, ice cream addicts, and anyone who loves cake of course…thank you.



Happy Birthday Ish-shah!

My fondest memory of my sister is one of her when she was in elementary. She was usually the tallest girl in class, and the happiest. Everyday after school, she would walk home, with the most genuine, innocent smile. That’s how I still remember her. As my baby sister.
I hope you enjoy every bit about being young.
Love you.



Uninspired, unmotivated, directionless…Monday evening my nephew saved me from another night of binge watching on Netflix. Out of the ordinary, he calls me, and asked about my day. Really I wanted to reply, “kind of sh**ty.”
I use to beg for a normal life…less work hours, more time to focus on dreams, more travel time, more television time. I remember coming home late nights ready to give in to my bed. That was my daily routine, oh, and occasionally cry because I was afraid of the direction I was going in.
Here’s to more sleepless nights. Here’s to witnessing my dreams unfold. And finally to my nephew for his uncanny approach at interrogations.