We are 30 days into 2015, the best I can do is worry because that’s what I’m good at. Oh and making list in my mind before I sleep.
The past few days the sound of wine pouring into my glass, the sun warming my face on the car ride home, movies with two star ratings on Netflix, music I can see my best friend and I dancing to, the random I love yous from my niece and nephews, ice cream on the ride home, indulging in delicious barbecue, thank you notes, and a familiar voice have kept me going.




A few months ago, my sister started making scarves and hats as gifts for us, so I wanted to tell her story.
For her, this is a small first step closer to her dreams and goals.
Because big dreams require big dreamers and people who believe in you, my sisters, Ish-shah, Carolina, and I decided to take this opportunity to present a product made for us with love.
For all your crochet, custom made scarves, hats, baby clothes, and photo props contact my awesome sister at tello.heavin@gmail.com









Last weekend began as a long to do list, but it started off great and ended better. I slept in Friday, maybe 8:30, read my new book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success. It’s a great read and inspirational. My friends joked about the book, “Why are you reading about basketball?!!!” More importantly, it’s about leadership, team work, winning, defeat, passion, and love.
The most successful people face the same dilemmas everyone else does. How do we make it to the goal without making it our goal? How do we live in the present? How do we accept who we are?
Before I knew who I was, let alone, accept who I am, the journey wasn’t easy.
Patience. My flaw. Perfectionist, self-doubter, cautious, over-thinker…my many flaws.
This year I’m fighting myself to live in the present and enjoy the journey- silent moments as I eat ice cream, falling asleep at the movie theater, and enjoying more desert after the movie. Oh and pizza. Obviously.



My Saturday night going into Sunday midnight was spent on a couch pretending to watch a UFC fight. I dozed off several times or maybe slept through the whole fight, but I’m sure no one noticed.
The best part of the night was spent eating Whataburger fries dipped in gravy on the ride home. FINALLY, making it home to snuggle in my bed was the second best part.
Sunday morning, I woke up to some sad news. It was kind of a strange way to start off a perfect morning; it was the first Sunday in a few weeks I was able to sleep in and soak up the sun.
I want to thank my sister Caro for holding it together and doing the part that everyone else should have attempted to do.
Hugs and kisses to my sister Ish-shah, my brother in law, and my furry niece and nephews.