Thanksgiving Edition

I suppose I love Thanksgiving for the food. Most importantly, food any day of the week with my family. I enjoy the loudness as it echoes through the house, and our laughter as we share stories about our childhood. We get lost in our stories and forget we’re probably screaming in each others ears. Moments like this make up my day, and remind me that chaos is okay inside my bubble. Today I’m most thankful for…

photos of my nephews smiling awkwardly
random “I love yous” from my niece
the daily knock at the door by my niece
listening to my niece sing about the color blue
Frankie’s furry paws
when Frankie snores
the smell of clean linen
a case of St Arnolds
people who love me in spite of my flaws
watching Meet Me In St Louis over wine with my mom and sister
enjoying Tim Duncan videos
bonding with my sister over Law and Order, and our new favorite show, The Blacklist
thick sweaters
winter boots
my eye mask
the moment of silence when I eat
listening to my niece and nephew giggle
the chaos that brings balance in my life
the simplicity of life
country music
my mom, who derives joy from watching me eat her food
moments I get to facetime with my sister
moments when Frankie lays on my feet as I work
the memories and love my sisters and I share



Ally and Bryan

She was a freshman and he was a junior in college.



Through a mutual friend, they were told to look for each other.


Four years later,





Our trip so far consisted of the “central market,” with a white honda civic parked in front, pupusas as our first meal, and Salvadorian oldies. Everything was going according to plan. Arrive to LA, eat at Central Market, and take the scenic road trip to Vegas.
Four and half hours and many tumbleweeds later, we stopped on the side of the road. My mom admitted to us that she never imagined herself “here.”


Our first night was unforgettable, and maybe one of those experiences you only have once for your mom. Certainly, every part of our trip had a lot of giggles.
Our vacation was a week long glimpse of what mom will be like in ten years. It’ll be us offering her snow cones to save her from the red sweater or her having it her way at Denny’s. (I just wanted that three dollar hot dog and beer or those breakfast tacos on that photo.)


I also came across an interesting fact. One night, Caro and I were convinced mom drinks coffee at night to go to sleep. We were laughing and teasing her about it. She finally confirms that that is not true. Fast forward to three days. We had a late night ahead of us, we didn’t eat dinner till about almost nine, and we were exhausted, so we tell mom to drink some coffee. All of a sudden, in the span of three days, coffee makes her sleepy.

In the end, we learned we’ll have to carry around an extra cotton shirt.


I will forever indulge her fine taste in food, eating plates of salmon by the beach, and homemade Salvadorian food.