There are days when I feel like I conquered the world, and there are days when I just want to watch Law and Order reruns. On such days, I lay on my balance trainer and meditate because really there hasn’t been much use for it, but to have a pity party on.
Then, I get an email from my sister.
These moments save me from waving the white flag, throwing in the towel, or eating a whole gallon of Blue Bell.




This weekend I imagined something epic, like looking over the edge of a building drinking champagne out of the bottle. I planned to sleep in between the cushions of my sofa, instead, I cuddled through two kid movies. We certainly partied as planned. We sleep walked to bed and woke up three hours later.
The next day, we laughed louder as George Strait sang in the background. Each of us claiming he was our boyfriend, not really, just my mom.
Cheers to more birthdays full of sparkle and glitter.


With Love, Your Ellen

On a good week or a bad week, I can count on our Pappasito’s special and a side of a handcrafted margarita especially crafted for the occasion. At moments of anger, like when our guacamole falls on the table, our Mexicanness is what defines us. You indulge in all of my guilty pleasures- cupcakes, pints of beer, family style meals, popcorn and pickles, miniature corn dogs, boy crushes and I think our new pleasure, that we have yet to try, cookies crushed in milk. Wait, what?
(Yasssss our conversations are littered with inside jokes.)



I’m so glad you’re only minutes away, and I no longer have to fake smile and cry at the same time because you were leaving me for Milwaukee, but who could blame you. It’s only the second best place on Earth (because of this building of course).


Cheers to more Ellen moments, and thank you for being the best friend a girl can have.


“A life isn’t one paragraph long.”

Three hundred and fifty-four days ago I vowed to spend my life with people who make me happier and better. I vowed a lot of things out loud and personally. This year has had its dark days, days I just wanted to hit the restart button. My patience and kindness were tested on so many levels. The closer we get to the end of whatever this moment in my life is, the closer I get to the light and I’m slowly realizing that it is a test of my faith.
I just want to go back to being me, corn dogs with mustard, Ellen outfits, half empty movie theaters, the back isles of Target…
Today, I am thankful to have the people in my life that allow me to be myself.