Motivation Monday & A Dance Off

My first experience with Zumba was unforgettable and embarrassing. I hated the feeling of performing in front of hundreds of people during a half time basketball game. Nonetheless, not knowing the full dance steps to the song. I was the girl giggling, cry laughing, smiling, and twirling off beat to every move. I proclaimed to never submit myself to odd situations in front of an audience.
A year later, here I am, honored to photograph my Zumba instructor, Marko.
A year later, I can proclaim, I love, LOOOOOVVVVEEE, the freedom and the liberty to dance my heart out without reservations.





Quarterly Statements and My A Players

Photography, food, love, books, my niece, my nephews…I just can’t ever get enough of either of them. My nephew, Luke, he’s seven but acts seventeen. My heart melted even more as he giggled through the Transformers movie and asked for nachos, popcorn, Skittles, and a large Sprite from the concession stand. “Did we just become best friends?”
The day was nothing short of perfection. We left the movie early to buy some ice cream and watch Scooby-Doo.