See Me at N. Prospect and Kane

Everyday was a mission with you. Where to eat? Where to drink? What to do? The agenda was endless. You welcomed me with rain, wind, and cold weather, but I fell in love with you as I danced to The Clash at Mad Planet. It reminded me of one of my favorite bars in Houston. Pure, real, gritty, and genuine. I fell in love with Milwaukee.
I shared a common nostalgia for the Third Ward. It was home the first time I visited my best friend in Milwaukee. The dark, lonely alleys reminded me of the cold winter, which was really spring, but it was just too cold for Texas. The air was fresher, and Milwaukee’s eighty degrees doesn’t compare anything to the sauna I live in.
The food was perfection.
The walks were indulging, full of laughter, yassss’, citric acid, and lies that our distillery tour guide told us.
Milwaukee became my new home.



Kat and Dane

Music, singing, and the sounds of food sizzling in oil floated through the Chea household as Kat and Dane prepared for their wedding day. Wardrobe changes made the festivities joyful and memorable.













Kat and Dane, I appreciate the honor of documenting your wedding. I can’t wait to visit y’all in Seattle.

Love Without Fear

I’m going to go on a rant, but first, I want to recap the last few weeks. I’ve been a bit distracted and not exactly prioritizing, but I have to say it’s been the most remarkable few weeks. Deep conversations that stole my heart. Corn dogs spread with mustard that brought happiness to my appetite and my soul. Being me was what I really enjoyed. No glitz and glam just authenticity. Blue jeans and long sleeves. (I felt like I borrowed Ellen’s clothes).

Here’s the rant:

Most days I want to live in yoga pants.
Other days I want to wear wedges and yoga pants together.
Some days, I want to wear white canvas slip-ons.
You haven’t seen the half of it, but it’s me! I love weird clothes, crazy colors, combining stripe patterns with polka dots.

I laugh extremely loud.
You think my laughter is strange.
You haven’t heard me snort.
Let’s see if that doesn’t make you run.

I like my hair down.
I like bangs.

I love the beach.
I love vacations by the beach.
On vacation, I sleep in.

On the topic about lip balm.
I have set the World’s record for owning the most Chapsticks. (one in every place of my house, car, bags…)
I am the spokesman for the moisturized lips campaign.

I get disappointed when the restaurant runs out of dessert.
I workout (most days) to eat more dessert.

I eat right.
For me.
Not for anyone else.

If you could look pass everything, you might hear me sing off tune one day. If I could live up to your expectations, maybe one day we could be friends.