Living Out Loud

During the past few weeks, I have had time to reflect on a lot of particular things in my life. It hit me one night when I was riding back home with some friends from a “lunch and learn.” The moon was out, we were laughing, talking about eating burgers after we just got through eating dinner. I just loved the realness of it all.
Neither of us were trying to hide behind glitz and glamour. We all have real struggles that give some sense of authenticity to all of our lives.
I am extremely thankful for all the blessings I have.
To my family, my partner, my friends, and my clients, thank you for letting me live out loud.



Truth Teller: Mother’s Day Edition

I fall in love more each day with my mom; we share the love for books, history, WWII, and food. My mom is the mom that ask for books about Marie Antoinette getting killed at the guillotine as gifts, not the diamonds or the fancy handbags. She’s modest. When we ask her, “Where do you want to go on vacation this year?” She says, “Where you feel like taking me,” but she means, “take me on The Band of Brothers historical tour.”

For you, I’ll do anything.

I love you Mom,


An Apple a Day

Growing up, there was a brief moment in our childhood we had to walk to school and back home. Mind you, it was not the best part of town. Occasionally, at the end of the bridge over the 6-10 highway, there would be a old white van or an old Cadillac parked, so we would turn back around until we were clear. One day, the van would not leave, so we walked back inside the school. I remember thinking to myself, “What do I do? Who do I call? My mom is at work?”
Then, there was an angel sent to us in a red Miata. As my sister and I shared the front seat, I remember thinking to myself how happy I was as I watched my sister smile with her two front teeth protruding out of her mouth.
In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, I dedicate this moment to the teachers that sometimes act as confidants, nurtures, concerned citizens…
To my best friend and her sister that make funny voices during story time, and to my bro bro who gets to wake up in gym clothes everyday, happy National Teacher Appreciation Day.


Ps. Because I was a fat kid at heart and a nerd, I dedicate this to the old days when teachers could bring homemade brownies with walnuts for Honor Roll students.