The Outlet To My Reservations

I confuse beer pong with ping pong. I am the girl in Zumba still trying to learn the steps because I forgot the cheer practice schedule. (Did I mention? I have no hand/eye coordination.) I believe my high kicks can reach the ceiling. I tell stories that require you to throw a man a fish to let him eat forever. I talk way too loud. (I once forgot to turn the volume down on my speaker box that time that lady looked like Michael Jackson.) The list goes on and on.
I use to be very afraid to speak out in fear of exposing my awkwardness to people. Frankly, the results have been quite the opposite of my fears. People take in my quirkiness and embrace it.
I am okay with being socially awkward. If I can make someone smile for a day, I won’t kick myself for my idiosyncrasies.



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