Valentine’s Edition: A Little Further Into 2008

At this moment in our relationship, there was nothing more I wanted than to go to school. I studied hard for everything and anything that the world wanted to throw at me. I wanted to go to school that would cost me approximately ten thousand dollars a year and a two hour drive a day, I wanted a house that would cost me five thousand dollars in a down payment and any additional monthly cost, therefore I needed a better position and more summer jobs.
Neto watched me daily dive into my college books and my pharmacy books. He would yell out brand drug names to me. Sometimes I yelled back generic names and sometimes I cried. My schedule just got harder and harder and booking alone time with me became impossible with piles of books, flashcards, and two jobs.
In the summers, “our” schedules looked like this:

4:00 am Wake up
5:00 am Be at work
1:00 pm Off of work
2:00 pm At other job
10:30 pm Off of work
11:00 pm study, eat dinner
1:00 am bedtime

Through the anguish, the tears, and the rage, he encouraged me. I questioned my hard work. I questioned why others get life handed to them. I questioned why me. He encouraged me and took the negative attitude and turned it into love.
I became the most out of date twenty two year old. I wanted to stay up late but not with my books.
I sacrificed everything for what I wanted. At some point in time, I had to take responsibility for my own destiny. My point came earlier than most.
For every moment he walked away, I picked up a book. For any moment he encouraged fun, I declined. For every moment he brought me lunch, made me late night dinners, and gave me encouraging kisses, I later embraced and thank him for being apart of my dreams.



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