Driven By Love

I look at life much like a CFO of a company would…charts, schedules, and financial statements. I’ve always wanted to be the dreamer and not the thinker of my life, but there I go pulling out the yellow office depot notepad calling for some serious business and thinking. If our heart does not push us to go after our dreams, then who will. Inspiration, motivation, perseverance, belief, curiosity…all driven by the love for my dreams. Is love enough? To drive us to what our heart desires. Logic only equals non-belief and fear.
Here’s to making dreams reality.



Joys in My Life

Perfectionism. My biggest problem. I am the person that goes to bed every night with an agenda for the next day, perhaps the whole month. Goals, ambitions, sticky notes, 2 notebooks, more notes on my iPhone, a desk calendar, my iPhone calendar, and more notes on pretty flowery paper. I wish I had less self control and just go with what life chooses to throw at me. I want life to throw more of

1. Back isle wandering in Target.
2. Yoga wearing days at work.
3. Books.
4. More bubbly in my fridge.
5. French films on Netflix, while pretending to learn French.
6. Cuddling with Neto and Frankie.
7. Cooking for my love. (I KNOW! My first few words before we started dating, “I don’t cook, and I don’t clean.”)
8. This is a new one- fresh flowers for my house (preferably white).
9. Obviously great food with awesome friends,
10. and obviously ice cream.

Here is to living and taking chances.


Our Last Goodbye

It’s almost unfathomable when someone you love is gone. From the day I met the Moreno family, they introduced me and welcomed me into their family with gracious love. At every event (birthdays, weddings, reunions) we laugh loudly, talk loudly, and enjoyed great Tejano music.

Today, our prayers and love go out to the Moreno family. We leave this beautiful lady to the Divine Hand in our life.





Rose and Neto