The Finer Things in Life: Love and Humility

This Christmas, we spent most of our evening into the early morning at the hospital at my mom’s bedside. I saw the value of my family, together huddled up around my mom comforting and loving her. That day was the fourth day in my life I saw her at her least best, hunched over into her hospital Kleenex.
I began to look around me at all the beautiful things man makes and provides to the world. All the finer things in life can be bought but love and humility never.
One day I want to grow up to be half the woman my mom is. We learned to value each other and live for experiences and in the moment because of the values she taught us. Somewhere along the way we forgot that all the materialistic things can never replace memories, experiences, and moments. She taught us to live in the moment for each other.


Second Chances

The past year I have been struggling with questions and thoughts that no one can really answer but myself. I’ve kicked myself in the head several times for not asking the right questions, so my New Year’s resolution is coming at you kind of early.

Second chances mean I have to work harder to conquer my dreams, like making better decisions, prioritizing, knowing who’s in it for the long ride, whether it’s in the limo, my old hooptie, or the long walk. Please be aware. Long walks mean extra high heels.

Today, I start living in the moment (in the healthiest way.)  To be happier means making wiser decisions.

Sometimes there are second chances.



Dear Neto,

Today I couldn’t wait to share my day with you. I almost spoke to the salesman at the furniture store. I wanted to blurt out my excitement and my joy.

I went back to the location of our shoot in hopes of beating the sunset. I had ten minutes to walk the boardwalk in three inch heels, as quietly as possible, not to disturb the bubbling noise from the swamp. As I was leaving the park, I thought I saw a man in the corner dressed in black starring at me. I started running; I never knew I could run so fast.  My creepy man dressed in black turned out to be a trash can dressed in a black trash bag.

Adventures are no fun without you. They feel like a scene from Halloween with Jason starring at you and disappearing as soon as you turn around.


Thank you for your belief and interest in my dreams.