Sunrise, Sunsets, and Science

My favorite time of the year in Houston is fall and winter. I know, we don’t have “seasons,” but we have the best sun and sky for taking photographs in the fall and winter. The largest soft box I could never own- the sky. When mother nature is not cooperating, what do photographers do?

We use concrete sidewalks or the side of buildings as reflectors. Right?

Well, what if there is no sun. This is a question I get a lot from my brides, and yesterday, I was inspired to write a blog about it.  I want to thoroughly go through what I do. I know that it is very important before hiring a professional to take photographs at your wedding.

I use a flash that is attached to a light stand along with a small soft box. This stand is usually hiding in the corner, by the dj, or by a pole. My camera has another flash attached to it along with a pocket wizard to send a signal to the off-camera flash that is hidden away. I use two pocket wizards; one is attached to the off-camera flash and the other is attached to my camera.

I mostly use this set up during receptions when there is no natural light to work with.

Here are some of those images.

2013-11-20_0004 2013-11-20_0005




Life Hogger: Neto + Rose

Dear Neto,

One late night, I commented to you how I felt out of place growing up; I was not a normal kid. I wore big ugly glasses with long frizzy hair (later short and puffy hair) and listened to The Penguins and Paul Anka. Then, I told you about my eight grade crush, and how I didn’t understand¬† why he asked me to be his girlfriend.

That was our first late night conversation in a long time. For the past two weeks, I have had control of my life. I’ve spent every waking hour from four thirty in the morning until eleven at night being productive. My life has fit into this nice, little wrapped package. Simple and nice. Lately, we have been falling asleep to roofing videos and Benjamin Franklin, but all I’ve wanted these past two weeks was a movie date with you, instead, I got a photoshoot, and a John Cusack 80s movie.

Here is to life hogging, 5 am workouts, schedules, and dinners at home.


I love you,


Ps. Thank you for making me feel like a beauty queen with super abs.