Anytime: Rocky Road & Natalia

The first time we met, we were going to take a 21st birthday shoot. Here we are a year later.

Along the way, I made a friend, and she loves ice cream as much as I do.

Books are our passion.

I only wished I had nearly as much gracefulness as she does in front of my camera.

Thank you for being a genuine friend and an avid supporter of my dreams.


Ps. Flower Power to Rocky Road and Natalia 🙂

Dear Neto,

Dear Neto,

Ugly pug, bombshell blonde, late night tacos, laughter, music, and friends were the highlight of my weekend. We walked into eighties night at Barbarella on Saturday night; I felt like I was walking into Fast Times at Richmond High. I fell in love with the grittiness of this place. For a moment I felt what it was like to be you. You have no reservations, no fears, and concerns about what people think. I wished you were there right next to me doing the agua bendita dance.
Someone (twice) sarcastically told me that I live a fairy tale life. They were right. I have everything. I began to break what everything meant. House, car, job, health, but there’s more to it than that. Inspiration and motivation.
You are invested in me for pure happiness. You motivate me and inspire me for means that are greater than monetary interest.
Thank you for embracing and appreciating my laughter, when I sing off tune to our favorite songs, or when I forget you’re in the room and I have a dance off with myself.
At the end of the day, I just want to walk the back isles of Target with you.


Ps. I will try my hardest to be better. Somewhere along the way I lost my drive for what I love. Thanks for the push.

Happy Birthday Caro!

Rock around the clock in the living room while dancing, the Rockets game being interrupted because of OJ, breaking a window because you jokingly said Hootie and the Blowfish was on VH1, escaping late nights and crawling through dark floors trying not to get caught, the introduction to awesome 90s music and 80s movies, and my favorite, the introduction to my radio boyfriend – That’s what big sisters are for.
Hope you have a beautiful birthday.