Twenty Something

It’s like a Happy New Year all over. I start going through a list of things I am going to do better and things I am not going to do. Here’s twenty something things I love, I hate, and I may or may not do.

1. I hate diets.

2. I love food.

3. I’m going to be more diligent about running.

4. My new favorite nail polish is peach daiquiri.

5. Anything glitter makes me happy.

6. I love gel pens.

7. I crave ice cream almost everyday.

8. I will drive anywhere for the best food.

9. I walk the back isles of Target.

10. I read a book before bed everyday.

11. I talk to my dog, and I don’t care.

12. I give my dog bear hugs, and he loves it.

13. I love French movies.

14. I have many tv, and movie boyfriends, and one radio boyfriend.

15. I feel guilty when I buy a Snickers bar or a Coke.

16. Walgreens specifically ordered Snickers ice cream bar for me, at least, that’s what I’ll believe for now.

17. I still own my car from when I was 16.

18. I love movie dates with my novia.

19. I prefer shoes that make me three inches taller.

20. Cleaning days were created to watch Netflix all day.

21. I have a folder named “show me that rang gurl.”

22. I will study more.

23. I will work on my nice skills.

24. First thing I told Neto before we started dating, “I don’t cook and I don’t clean.”

25. Getting older scares me.

26. I’m in between Josh Fuller Band and Daft Punk.

27. I will surround myself with people who make me happier and better.

Here’s to a New Year!


Christina and Rey: Love notes and sororities

They met through a love note. One morning, Rey’s dad gives him a note, “Here, your sisters left this note for you.” Christina and a sorority sister wrote something along the lines of, “Hi we are sisters of KDChi.” They just wanted to say hi and have a good day.

One good day, turned into a scene from a movie. 2013-09-14_0001

So, Rey posted about the note on a Facebook group page, and she responded.


Rey jokingly tells people she was his stalker leaving notes on his dad’s car.


It’s been a crazy last few months since Rey had to move for work; As long as you have faith, and you focus on what really matters, time will fly.



Juror No. 28

Yes, I was happy I was not selected for jury duty. I know it sounds bad, but if it’s not reruns of Law and Order and it is not starring Danny Pino, I don’t want to sit in a courtroom for half a day. I promise I couldn’t wait for jury duty to be over. All I could think of is, “What’s for  lunch?” I kept eying those Oreo cookies in my purse.

I knew the safest way out was through those big heavy doors, but there I go walking through secret tunnels. I am positive I parked on the third floor, so I take the elevator up.

You know that lump in your throat you get right before you realize you don’t remember where you parked? Well, yeah I was that girl today. You can ask me to remember anything in this world, but parking garages are like short term memories to me.

The last few things I can remember about parking my car were yellow lines, a big truck, and telling myself, “Man, it would really suck if I pressed the gas into this cement post.”  Can you take me to that parking garage?

Juror No. 28, I am thankful for people like you. People like you will take a desperate girl up 11 levels of parking spaces and across the street to find her vehicle.

Thank you,

Rose Tello


Lose myself to dance

Last night, I decided in eleven days I am going to be a new person.  On September 16th, I get a second “Happy New Year.” I began to tell Neto what I thought all my flaws are. I explained to him that I hate that I am bossy, I wish I could start working out EVERYDAY, and work more.

“Well, those are not really flaws.”

Neto made me see myself in a different perspective. Yes, everyone does think I am bossy,  but deadlines and projects bring that project manager role out. I want everything done to perfection, and I usually set high expectations for any project. I believe we are super humans and can tackle a backyard in 2 hours, which really took us 8 hours.

I feel like a need to apologize for myself. I think it is common sense to work hard and strive for your dreams, and sometimes there is no room for fun, until you have reached your goals. Then, you can  pop the cork and make some mimosas. Some people don’t have common sense, so I feel a moral obligation to guide them. As an outsider, a friend, a sister, a significant other, it is my responsibility to tell you where you are messing up. These situations are sometimes confrontational, but I am not afraid of confrontation. I am afraid of what people think of me.

In eleven days, I am going to liberate myself. I am not going to  care what people think of me because I am not afraid to say what everyone else wants to say, and I will never be anyone’s enabler.

I will lose myself to a dance and be myself.

Rose Tello




Araceli + Oscar

I love talking wedding stuff with brides; if they only knew how big my wedding file is, they’d laugh at me. I have hard copies, and digital copies of any wedding idea you could think of. It’s sort of embarrassing, but I am a wedding junkie, along with an ice cream and  wine junkie. Ask me anything, and I know where you can get it. I’ll hook you up!

When Araceli came to me with this awesome idea of bringing a horse as a prop, I almost fell out of my chair full of excitement. My mind reverted to those Ralph Lauren romance ads.


You guys rocked those boots!