Dayra and Chris

It was raining cats and dogs. As I sat in the parking lot, I thought to myself, “It’s going to stop raining.” It only started to thunder louder.
Dayra and Chris pull over next to my car; it almost looked like a scene from The Sopranos. The dark tinted window slowly coming down from the back seat made her presence prominent. She looked so beautiful.
Since we all drove a long distance, they suggested breakfast, and my eyes lit like christmas lights.
As I sat with Dayra, Chris, and her mom, I felt like a member of their family reunited once again. We talked and laughed loudly. I felt right at home.
As we finished our breakfast, the sun shone through the window. We were up on our feet and ready to shoot some love in action.


The lake was amazing and even more amazing was their love.



They twirled and danced and showed me some of their moves.

Lucky Chris. You got a great catch.


Not only does Houston have the craziest weather, but the best Texans’ fans.



And a beautiful bride to be.


Natalie and Nathan

It was a beautiful day; sometimes breezy and sometimes just as hot as any old Texas day.


The moment I met you guys, it was like I was reunited with long lost friends, and we picked up right where we left off. (Ya’ll sure do know how to make a girl feel comfortable behind a lens.)


We talked about our spoiled dogs, and how I wish I had a stroller for mine, but only if he would behave like your puppy.


You were so naturally in love. Thanks for bringing your charm Nathan.


Natalie you are beautiful!


Years later, after you met through friends, here you are beautiful and in love.



Just A Little Push Please

These past few days I’ve been feeling down, discouraged, like a failure. I missed my 5 minute workouts, my breakfast for champs, and I happen to misplace my purpose for life somewhere, until I started editing these photos. They were a great reminder of why I’m still chasing my dream and why I do what I love. Thank you Betty and your awesome family for being a great reminder.


Cheers To Staying Humble and My Fashion Sense

Important life lessons of the day:

1) Stay humble.

Not your title, the amount of money, your degree, or how much stuff you have makes you any different than the person standing right in front of you. Stuff can always be bought. Respect and dignity can’t.

(One day the roles could be reversed.)

Everyday I am thankful for the “stuff” I have, but even more thankful with the people I can share these things with and the experiences created.

Ps. Here’s a photo to staying humble and my fashion sense.