Leather Craftsmen Album

My second album just came in, and it’s like Christmas eve all over again.  Leather Craftsmen does such a great job with their custom bound albums and their customer service is awesome.
I highly recommend them to any photographer who is looking for high end, top grain leather. The album is beautiful and it smells great. I am not kidding, but it’s just a thing I have to check its authenticity


Here are a few of my favorite images from the album.


Happy Birthday Frankie!

He was in a blue, Hallmark, birthday bag with red, blue, and yellow tissue paper all over his face. It wasn’t even my birthday.
Apparently, he was the cuttest of the litter, with his black and white patches. When I took him out of the bag, I asked, “Is he going to stay this small?” Neto said he would. Well, he grew into a bigger version of his baby self, only 15 pounds heavier. I was kind of hoping he would fit in my bag, well he fits in my luggage now.
That watch we traded for him was worth it.

Happy Birthday Frankie!